The LOK8 (locate) project is funded by Strand III and its goal is to create a new and innovative approach to human-computer interactions. With LOK8 a person will be able to engage in meaningful interaction with a computer interface in a much more natural and intuitive way than we are used to. A virtual character (Avatar) will be displayed in numerous locations depending on the user’s position and context. Users will be able to communicate with this virtual character through speech and gestural input/output, which will be processed and controlled by the dialog management component. This will allow “face-to-face” interactions with the LOK8 system. The LOK8 system will deliver content to the user in a variety of context-specific ways with the aim of tailoring content to suit the user’s needs. In addition to screens and projectors displaying the avatar, the user’s mobile device, as well as speakers within the environment, will be used to deliver focus-independent content. Ultimately the goal is to replace a human-computer interface with a human-“virtual human” interface.



The authors wish to thank the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in Ireland and specifically their Technological Sector Research Strand III: Core Research Strengths Enhancement Programme for funding the work carried out at the Dublin Institute of Technology on the LOK8 project.

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