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The goal of the LOK8 project is to develop a mobile multimodal dialogue system that allows users to access Location based Services (LBS) using a mobile device like an iPhone or a Google Android phone. LBS may offer the user functionality such as supplying information about nearby objects, or giving navigation help. We believe that such a system may benefit from having a natural language interface since natural language allows intuitive interaction, and it also removes the need for graphical interfaces which can be difficult to operate on a small mobile device. The use of pointing gestures as input and output modalities will also compensate the difficulties of expressing spatial concepts in language. It has been shown that spatial domains are especially well suited for multimodal interaction.

One possible example application scenario for the LOK8 system is a museum, where the users may walk around with their device and point the device at exhibits to request descriptions from the system, or ask specific questions. On the other hand the system may point out if the user is approach interesting exhibits or give directions......

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